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Case Studies

Over one hundred companies from all over the world have hired LATE NITE ART to bring more imagination and connection into their team and culture. Explore the case studies below to learn more about how we address the needs and problems inside mid-size organizations and large corporations.


Our Clients



The VMware Leadership Development team wanted a program that complemented the overall content from their Global Leadership Summit. Their hope was to achieve a deeply memorable, out-of-the-ordinary, and powerful learning experience for a crowd of 650 leaders.


The Culture Conference

The Culture Conference organizers wanted an opportunity for attendees to reflect and build camaraderie with each other. We refreshed the way people interacted, by leading activities that humanized the participants. It was more about meaningful dialogue than ‘networking’.


Southwest Airlines

Southwest gathered to overhaul the old systems, and shape new ones that focus more on building a workplace that is diverse, accessible, and is better at championing for people. They wanted to become strategic partners for the success of Southwest employees.


Old Navy / Gap

Old Navy, along with their parent company Gap Inc, was looking at an organization wide shift in brand and culture. But, with regional stores in 90 countries, the task proved to be a complex one. They wanted to make their branding and culture re-visioning process more imaginative.



The Pandora team started gearing up for international growth in 2016. As a result, they needed to level up their strategic planning capacities. Pandora needed partners to help build camaraderie amongst the sales team members, and spark their imagination around scaling worldwide.



LinkedIn brought together 40 executives from their global training team for their annual learning summit. Their goal? To push the learning and creative edges of the LinkedIn L&D team, so they can create cutting edge, relevant content for their end users.



YMCA of the East Bay wanted to step towards a new vision of shared leadership, and break traditional hierarchies. The goal: to empower their employees with change agency, no matter what role they held. The CEO wanted to explore and design a shared leadership model.

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