Deepening Connection For Attendees

Why We Worked Together

The Culture Conference is an invite only, immersive 2-day event for leaders who are committed to building positive teams and cultures. In 2017, we led LATE NITE ART with 150 participants, to help them reflect on the conference experience, and build camaraderie with each other.

How It Succeeded

Dedicated to creating a playful and unconventional conference experience, we:

  • Refreshed the way people interacted, by leading activities that humanized the participants. It was more about meaningful dialogue, then ‘networking’.

  • Focused on experiential elements to create a new conference paradigm, sparked imagination, and challenged the status quo.

  • Helped build deeper relationships at the conference, which today have turned into work partnerships, hiring opportunities, friendships,
    and allies.  

I was delighted to see how effective this experience was in building strong relationships and connections in such a short period of time. Many participants described LATE NITE ART as the highlight of their conference experience.
— Jenny Sauer-Klein, Founder and Executive Director, The Culture Conference