Helping Reimagine “Gap, Inc.”

Old Navy / Gap Inc. is a multi-billion dollar clothing manufacturer headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with stores in over 90 countries worldwide. Their mission - to be the world’s favorite for American style.


In 2015, after thriving in the retail industry for 21 years, Old Navy, along with their parent company Gap Inc, was looking at an organization wide shift in brand and culture. But, with regional stores in 90 countries, the task proved to be a complex one.

LATE NITE ART was brought on-board to make their branding and culture re-visioning process more imaginative. The overarching goal: to gain buy-in and collaboration from leaders who run the brand.


LATE NITE ART designed  3 experiences for Old Navy, each with it’s own theme:

  • On Feb 24th, 35 HR leaders, and 15 members of the Loss Prevention team, joined forces to think differently about their brand, and address inter-team differences.

  • On Mar 3rd, 8 of their top leaders gathered to transition into new leadership, and create a blueprint for how Old Navy will incorporate creativity into their new brand.

  • On Nov 4th, 16 managers from the Talent Acquisition team came together to break out of their silos, challenge their group thinking, and build trust across teams.


Offering a participatory platform for a cross-section of Old Navy’s leaders, LATE NITE ART:

  • Helped participants connect in a judgment-free environment.

  • Explored new ways of working together during organizational change .

  • Built trust and empathy between new and existing leaders / team members.

  • Increased cross-pollination of ideas and communication across regions.

  • Made creativity an accessible team practice.

I can say with sincerity that I rarely find an event that does such an
effective job building teams, memories and laughter on such a large scale. This is something that our team will never forget.
— Leslie Anderson, Sr. Director - Head of Field HR, Old Navy