Pandora Radio is a music streaming service, powered by the Music Genome Project. With a mission to change the way we discover and listen to music, Pandora has over 81 million active users, and is all about creating a personalized radio experience.

Why We Worked Together

Having experienced successful growth in over 26 locations across the United States, the Pandora team started gearing up for international growth in 2016. As a result, they needed to level up their strategic planning capacities. So they hosted a Sales Boot Camp, to support their teams for the scale.

LATE NITE ART joined forces with Pandora to help build camaraderie amongst the sales team members, and spark their imagination around scaling worldwide.

What We Created

As part of a larger 2-day training, we hosted LATE NITE ART for a group of 15 sales professionals who had been working with Pandora for less than a year. With a focus on visioning, the question we posed to each person was, “How can I diversify Pandora, and help it grow?”

The LATE NITE ART creative process served as a vehicle for both divergent thinking and goal-setting, as well as forging stronger relationships with team members.

How It Succeeded

The small size of the group allowed for a deeper, more intimate experience. Since we were there to help them stretch beyond their comfort and current imagination, we:

  • Shaped their approach to large scale company growth.

  • Helped align individual goals with the community’s success.

  • Generated new ideas around how to manage setbacks and conflict.

  • Strengthened the group’s ability to relate to each other as a team.

Thank you for a night that will go down in Pandora history!
— Kate LeBlanc, Sr. Manager of Sales, Pandora