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We’ve compiled the most common questions asked by our clients and customers. After reading, if you still have a question, please reach out to, and one of our team members will get back to you within 2-3 days.

Do you host events during the day time?

Yes! We host events at all times of day. Many of our events take place in the morning and afternoon. One thing we have noticed is that the placement of LATE NITE ART in your program impacts the atmosphere and participation. For example: hosting LNA during the morning can be used to set the tone of an entire day. We create the feeling of night time, and can work with any requirements.

How long does the event take?

Typically, the LATE NITE ART experience is 100 minutes long. This can be flexible. At conferences, for instance, we offer a 75 minute program. We also offer half and full day trainings.

Is this like a Paint Night?

No. LATE NITE ART is completely unrelated and has no affiliation with Paint Night. While Paint Night is a great activity for socializing, our program utilizes creative facilitation to address specific goals that a team may have. You can read more about that in our case studies here.

Our team is not that creative. We don’t draw. Does that matter?

LATE NITE ART is accessible to anyone, no matter where they are. Your team does not need to be an artist or creative. Our facilitators are trained to create accessible and safe environments that guide groups to new levels of creative confidence, connection and breakthrough.

Are food or beverages included?

No, but we do have preferred catering and beverage partners. They would be happy to provide a quote and contract for your needs.

How much does it cost? Is your fee per person?

No, it is not a per person fee. Pricing is based on multiple variables: amount of people, content and goals for your specific experience, program design preparations, and additional logistics needed.

Where are you located? Do you have your own venue? Can I host LATE NITE ART in our office?

Although we do not have our own venue, we do travel all across the globe and will happily come to your office. You can find our preferred venue partners here.

Do you host public events?

Yes! You can find our next public event through our facebook page.

Can I attend a LATE NITE ART event to scope it out for my team? If so, when is the next one I can attend?

Most of our events are private events for clients. But you are welcome to attend our next public event. Please find our next public event listed on our facebook page.

Is LATE NITE ART a good fit for team building happy hour events?

It depends. Occasionally our clients will host a happy hour before or after LATE NITE ART. The LATE NITE ART experience is highly curated and specifically designed to help your team address themes such as innovation, creativity, collaboration, communication, leadership development, trust, conflict resolution, diversity, inclusion, belonging, strategic planning and celebration. When you book your event, you can choose which of the themes best fits your needs.

Does your event get messy? Do people need to wear special clothes?

No. We lead LATE NITE ART inside 4 star hotels with white carpets and have never had a problem. No apron or smocks required. All of our supplies can be easily washed off with water.

Does LATE NITE ART host events outside the San Francisco Bay Area?

Yes, we travel everywhere. To date, we’ve hosted 180+ events in over 10 countries.

We have over 150 people. Can you accommodate us?

Yes, we can accommodate groups as small as 6 people, and as large as 1,000.

Can you do multiple days?

Yes. We can customize our methodology to fit your needs.

What requirements do you need for the venue and AV?

Please see Equipment and Venue Requirements packet here on our partners page.

What does your team bring? What do we need to bring?

Our team will bring paper, art supplies, and fresh flowers. You will be responsible for providing tables, chairs, and other AV requirements that can be reviewed here.

Do you take photos for the event?

We highly recommend our preferred photo and video partners which you can find here.

What does the LATE NITE ART process look like?

Our facilitators have combined expertise of over 25 years. Since the founding of LATE NITE ART, our founder and team of facilitators have honed a methodology that guides the LATE NITE ART signature experience. This methodology can adapt to any team development goals for a customized signature experience.

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