Inspired by the Creative Empowerment Model, Partners for Youth Empowerment,

Inspired by the Creative Empowerment Model, Partners for Youth Empowerment,


Looking to do something different for your team?

Our Signature Experience is an interactive training for teams and conferences — and no, it doesn’t have to happen at night. Over the course of 100 minutes, our expert facilitators guide participants through a process of creative risk-taking, group dialogue, problem-solving, and storytelling. We use a methodology that has been developed over 200+ experiences across 9 countries, and customize each training to incorporate our clients’ unique culture, learning, and development goals.

How it works

Gathered around banquet tables, participants respond to successive questions through art supplies, storytelling, and movement, working individually, in pairs, and small groups. At regular intervals, participants rotate and engage with a new partner, building on the drawings and responses of those prior to them. We curate music for each question, to create a space that fosters play, curiosity, reflection, and community building.

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Appreciation from clients

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The impact

An out-of-the-box experience that increases team community, productivity, and wellness.

  • Strengthens inter-team relations

  • Enhances confidence in team creativity

  • Re-energizes connection to values

  • Invigorates innovative brainstorming

  • Fosters a purpose-driven culture


How we work with you

Stage 1

  • Define the experience
  • Explore team dynamics
  • Identify key goals
  • Plan technical execution
  • Address questions
Stage 2

  • Arrival and mingling
  • Set intentions
  • Increase creative risk
  • Peak event
  • Reflect and integrate
Stage 3

  • Mark observations
  • Celebrate breakthroughs
  • Identify areas of growth
  • Incorporate insights
  • Create next steps

Upon completion, We PROVIDe CLIENT-exclusive content (Such as eBooks, checklists, & articles) to sustain learnings.

Ready to ignite your team?