Building Creative Confidence 

An exclusive premiere

Date: Saturday, November 4
Time: 10AM - 1PM
Location: Starline Social Club, 2236 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, CA 94612
Participants: 30-35 executives and leaders, with attendees from Pixar, Pandora, Accenture, Clif Bar and more.
Facilitated by: Adam Rosendahl, Founder and Chief Experience Officer, LATE NITE ART, LLC
Lunch provided by: Azalina’s Malaysian


I'm excited to invite you to the exclusive premiere of LATE NITE ART’s new offering: Building Creative Confidence. Through this 3-hour training, you will unlock your imagination in surprising ways and:

  • Use art as a catalyst for deeper inquiry into business issues
  • Engage in an unconventional networking experience
  • Explore ways to stimulate the right-brain and practice a different way of learning
  • Learn fantastic techniques for building relationships and nurturing collaboration

Above all - just come and play. This is an invite-only event and seats are limited. As you are the first to experience this training, I'd appreciate your thoughts on the design. And, if you want to book this experience for your team, we will be offering a discount. 

Have another person in mind who you think should be in the room? Please email