Our Services

Over 8 years, we finely tuned our creative team development services with culture, design, and creative principles.

We learned the rules, so that we can help you break them.

Explore how we can build imagination and connection for your team below.

The Core Experience

Our signature workshop (2 hrs)

This interactive workshop uses facilitated dialogue, collaborative art-making, and curated music to engage participants in a fast-paced innovation session. Gathered around banquet tables, participants illustrate responses to successive, evocative questions, working individually, in pairs, and small groups. The impact: higher creative risk taking, breaking routine thinking, and deeper conversations.

We specialize in addressing:

  • Onboarding & team mergers

  • Creative brainstorming

  • Cross team collaboration / breaking silos

  • Diversity & inclusion

  • Leadership development

  • Celebration & employee well-being


Deeper Offerings

Sustain learnings & culture

Our signature workshop can stand alone, or be the gateway into a deeper engagement with LATE NITE ART. Based on your current challenges, our talented team will design an experience that can include:

  • Hosting our signature workshop for multiple teams within your organization

  • Leading trainings focused on building creative confidence and facilitation

  • Consulting leaders on experience design and facilitative leadership

  • Delivering customized half and full-day team retreats


Interested In OUr methodology? Learn more about our process in leading your experiences Below.


Learn about our process

Read about the method & process we developed over 8 years.