Our Signature Experience

Bring your team into a highly facilitated 2-hour experience designed to ignite imagination and foster personal and professional relationships.

With 25 years of combined experience in culture, design, and creative principles, our team of experts built & mastered team development principles and programs fully customizable for your team.


The Structure

Our Signature Experience uses facilitated dialogue, collaborative art-making, and curated music to engage participants in a fast-paced innovation session. Gathered around banquet tables, participants illustrate responses to successive, evocative questions, working individually, in pairs, and small groups. The impact: stronger inter-team relations, higher creative risk taking, re-energized morale, and deeper conversations.

We customize our program to achieve your goals in:

  • Innovation & Creativity

  • Collaboration and Communication

  • Onboarding & Orientation

  • Leadership Development

  • Trust & Conflict Resolution

  • Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging

  • Strategic Planning

  • Celebration


 Interested In OUr methodology? Learn more about our process in leading your experiences Below.


Learn about our process

Read about the method & process we developed over 8 years.