Our signature workshop (2 hrs)

This interactive workshop uses facilitated dialogue, collaborative art-making, and curated music to engage participants in a fast-paced innovation session. Gathered around banquet tables, participants illustrate responses to successive, evocative questions, working individually, in pairs, and small groups. The impact: higher creative risk taking, breaking routine thinking, and deeper conversations.

We specialize in addressing:

  • Onboarding & team mergers
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Cross team collaboration / breaking silos
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Leadership development
  • Celebration & employee well-being

Deeper Offerings

Sustain learnings & culture

Our signature workshop can stand alone, or be the gateway into a deeper engagement with LATE NITE ART. Based on your current challenges, our talented team will design an experience that can include:

  • Hosting our signature workshop for multiple teams within your organization
  • Leading trainings focused on building creative confidence and facilitation
  • Consulting leaders on experience design and facilitative leadership
  • Delivering customized half and full-day team retreats